Coffee & cocoa

Coffee & cocoa: Ivory Coast strengthening its position of world leader

Coffee & cocoa as the first natural resource of Ivory Coast, will benefit to the country, 308 billion of FCFA (470 million Euros) for the year 2013-2014. The increase of the Ivory Coast production is partially explained by the weather report that played in favor of the country. The country also introduced new orchards into its production.

The good news had repercussions on the country national budget. “The increase of the cocoa production led the Ministry of Economy and Finance to present a rectified law of the financing law at the cabinet meeting“, explained Bruno Koné, the Ivory Coast Government Spokesman.

Ivory Coast has at present supplied 36 % over the world cocoa with 1, 3 million tons of beans of the brown gold. These figures show the strong progress of the country that produced only 1, 2 million tons last season.

In order to face the competition, the giant of the sector launched in May 2014 Cocoa Action, a development plan of the sector that consists in efforts mutualization.

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